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2017 Chapter President

Jim Jose


 Chapter News November-December 2017

Most of the Fall events on the Local level are now once - again over, and as we look back - I must say it was a pretty good summer for the club and all the car-related events.

One of the many event's Prairieland has is the Fall cruise - this year. We all met at Casey's in St. James at 7:30 a.m. Approximately 15 cars showed up and we motored west toward Sioux Falls South Dakota. We arrived at the Blue Line Cage at Worthington for a quick coffee break and then headed for the McCrossan Boys Ranch at Sioux Falls. We arrived at the boys ranch at 10:30 am and gathered at a conference center for a very warm welcome and informative briefing from Executive Director Brian Roegiers. We began by introducing ourselves and describing our cars. He covered a number of interesting facts and as he explained exactly how they operate and what their goods are. I have briefly mentioned these below.

  • He explained how the ranch came to exist from donations from the late Mrs. McCrossan in the late 1940's. That exceeded 800 thousand dollars.
  • They house approximately 68-70 troubled boys.
  • They are near the reservation. So a large percentage of the boys are native American.
  • They plan a structured life with no exceptions or variations.
  • They range in different ages, but they must leave at age 21.
  • They teach by giving boys responsibilities' such as chores or jobs.
  • They have a working farm.

-they bond with horses

-they do a lot of out-door activities

-have a rodeo that has gained National attention - held annually in August.

  • They are allowed to work off the campus at normal jobs.
  • The money they earned is saved for them. They get their money when they leave. Some boys have left with over 10,000 dollars.
  • They are not allowed to drive so they are driven to jobs, (etc.)
  • They can buy a car but are not allowed to use it until they leave
  • They are given the opportunity to have a religion orientated life, to worship and become involved with church and God.
  • Many of the boys don't want to leave because they realize they may not even be alive if it weren't for the Boy's Ranch and the care and guidance they received there.
  • There are a certain number of staff living on Campus and on call 24 hours a day.

We were given a walk through tour of the Campus. It is unbelievable to see what they have built with donations and dedication.

The staff and Board of the Boys Ranch have done an amazing job. Building and operating this campus. We left the Boys Ranch after a noon meal and toured the actual Falls area and the park.

We Arrived at Larry Olson's Garage at 3:00 p.m. and we were given a guided tour of his building where he has a number of very beautifully kept to totally rebuilt cars to hot rods.

He has cars that have won National Awards and Recognition and we were all very impressed with his gracious hospitality! Thanks Larry!

In closing I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Denny Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Franz Helling for taking the time to line up this extraordinary weekend event. 


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