Prairieland Chapter

St. James, MN area




2017 Chapter President

Jim Jose


I can’t believe I am already writing about the summer in its past tense! I guess as we look back it’s plain to see that we have so many car related and family related events and gatherings. I must commend every loyal member that is willing to take time to make all these great (memories) events happen.

As for Prairieland Chapter, we started with a very informative tour to the Petroglyphs at Jeffers, MN on July 29 th, – we all gathered at the Home Town Café for fellowship and a very delicious breakfast and of course, plans for our route were finalized. With eight cars and thirteen members and guests we set out for a very enjoyable morning tour. The weather was perfect and all the cars ran great! We all learned a lot about Indian (mostly Dakota) customs and religion. We all followed President Jim and Jan Jose to Comfrey, MN to a quiet little café called “Good Fellows”. After the meal, we had a short meeting to discuss the upcoming events. The main topic was the swap meet set for August 19 -20th with gates opening at 6:30 a.m. Other topics discussed were as follows:

·         Fall foliage – local

·         Fall foliage – Regional at Alexandria, MN. Third week-end in October

·         The many upcoming parades, Rollins, nominations and election of officers.

·          After upcoming event’s we decided to meet again at a date to be announced.

Some of these summer Rollins are unbelievably successful! Our big event – the Butterfield Swap meet was a successful money raising event. Being a small town, we are still growing and improving. The weather did threaten, but was better than the year before. Never the less, the weather did not hamper the spirit of the bee or the stories told about days gone by.

Last of all to report was the meeting at Madelia in a place called La Plaza Mexican Restaurant.  Being a very busy time of year, we had only eight members in attendance. We enjoyed a great meal and a short meeting took place with much discussion of important events. We planned a (possible) three-day fall event with the cars (old and new) to include a motel stay, night club, car collection viewing, fall foliage and much more. Should be fun.

In closing, I am leaving by repeating an “old car fact” Did you know that in 1916 – 55% of the cars in the world were Model T Fords! Until next time – Enjoy your Fall season. After upcoming events, we decided to meet again at a date to be announced.

John Keech - Correspondent

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