Prairieland Chapter

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2017 Chapter President

Jim Jose


Prairieland Chapter News-May-June 2017

Been awhile since I've written although I haven't written much. Our newly elected President, Jim Jose, has been very busy with instructional meetings and in constant contact with his very experienced and competent staff. Although our past president did an excellent job, we still have Tom in our club always making improvements and helping with various events. It is with great respect, we salute you Tom, for our past service and welcome you,  Jim, as our new President.

The March meeting was held at Fox Pizza for a social hour - supper - short meeting. We were lucky to welcome   our   newest   members   Russell   and   Betsy Rogotske to our club! The President covered a few business aspects and upcoming events in a short and to the  point  business  meeting.  Having  nineteen  members in attendance, we voyaged to the nearby farm of Doug and Lynette Gappa for a very interesting , and detailed tour of their converted barn - to a wildlife- Trophy Museum. We saw a number of professionally mounted wild animals from Africa. Doug and Lynette presented a detailed briefing of their Safari's in Africa. Very interesting. Thanks Doug and Lynette and thanks Jim for the memorable evening.

April meeting was held at New Ulm at a supper club called the Kaisserhoff.  With social hour from 5:30 to 6:00 pm. Twenty-two members were present. The secretary and Treasurers reports were read and approved. Snow  birds were welcomed back. May 13, 2017: LaSalle Rollin Breakfast. May 19 & 20, Spring Fling at Granite Falls Syttende Mia @ Hanska. The ongoing planning and preparing for the Butterfield Annual Swap Meet at Butterfield, MN in August.

Talked about the magazine and other pertinent topics Meeting Adjourned until May 13th Breakfast roll-in at LaSalle.

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