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2017 Chapter President

Jim Jose


Prairieland Chapter News-July-August, 2017

Thanks    to    Jim   and    Bonnie    our    May 13th Breakfast - Rollin at LaSalle was a very enjoyable and well organized local event. Nineteen members were in attendance and it was an excellent time to get a view of some of the beautiful cars that are in our club. And exchange questions and answers about all the summer events!

The meeting was called to order by President, Jim Jose Ė The normal  business was  presented and  approved. The summerís upcoming events, were the main topics of discussion. Iím just going to mention a few that we have talked about:

May 21, 2017 Syttende Mai car show and Parade at Hanska

June 24, 2017   Railroad days, car show and parade at St. James, the entire town is under construction -but thanks to a lot of dedicated members from many different organizations the parade was a total success!!!

Aug 19-20, 2017 third weekend of Aug, Swap Meet, Flea Market, Threshing Bee. I HAVE AN INTERESTING FACT ABOUT THE BUTTERFIELD PARADE---51

YEARS AGO RICHARD CARLSON DROVE HIS 1934 CHEVROLET IN THEIR VERY FIRST PARADEó50   YEARS   LATER   HE   DROVE   THAT VERY SAME CLASSIC IN THE CELEBRATION OF 50 SUCCESSFUL THRESHING BEES.        THATíS DEDICATION - KEEP IT UP SWEDE!!!  The gate opens at 6:30 am.  For more information call Tom Anderson at 507-381-2834. Each event needs your support. Last year was great and we hope it will continue to grow every year. The Prairieland chapter looks forward to seeing you all at the bee.

After all the planning and preparation talk was done, the meeting was adjourned until an underdetermined date in late summer.

We were all looking forward to Spring Fling and Granite Falls and I must say (for those that did not attend) WOW! The Swenson Farm Museum is a historical treasure. We were reminded of how primitive things were and how people made their own existence by hand and hard work, determination and most of all a very strong religious faith.

Being a retired Army/National Guards officer I was completely impressed with the Fagen Fighters WWII Museum and their very well versed staff! Itís a very GOOD Idea to Remind us How High the Price Our Freedom Is and What All Is Involved to Gain this Freedom. If Hitler (EG) would have won WWII, he would have destroyed everything old and obsolete, be it made of steel or human flesh Ė think about NOT EVEN HAVING ANY AGELESS ANTIQUES. We all have a lot to be grateful for. A debt of gratitude is owed to the Fagen family and all people who have a hand in preserving our very rich heritage.

A VERY special thanks to everyone who organized and conducted Spring Fling 2017.


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