Prairieland Chapter

St. James, MN area




2018 Chapter President

Jim Jose


 Chapter News January-February 2018

Not much to talk about.  Cold weather keeps us cooped-up! Nevertheless, we did get together for our annual Christmas party December 3, 2017. Despite lower temps and cool wind, we had an excellent turnout for this special event with 26 guests and members in attendance. We gathered at the La Plaza Fiesta Mexican Restaurant. We ordered off the menu and enjoyed great meal along with an explanation of how they rebuilt to come back to life after that devastating Madelia fire.

This has a very special meaning to the local people because it did come back, instead of becoming a parking lot like you so often see in small town America. Just shows what Persistence, determination and a very strong Religious conviction can do!

After the meal a short business meeting was held and all wished Richard Carlson Happy 80th Birthday! No meeting for January and February was voted on and approved.

Now is the time to tune up the favorite classic car summer will be here soon.  (I hope). Warm wishes during cold temps from Praireland.


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