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Minneapolis, MN area





2017 President

Jim Blask


Central Chapter News May-June 2017

Central Chapters members are just loving the spring weather, and hope you are, too.  The sun is so warm and bright.  And the antique cars in our garages are just itching to be released from their winter prisons.  The driving season is so close you can almost taste it.

Looks like the Drought Buster tour will be the first event of the season and you can almost hear those pistons about ready to burst with excitement!

Most if not all of the winter snowbirds are back home now.  We're glad to see them again. Did any "new" vehicles come home with any of them?  Haven't heard, but it would certainly be unusual if someone didn't take advantage of the auctions that took place over the winter.

We, in Central Chapter, continue our "Second Sunday" dinners at Perkins restaurant.  The next one will be on Mother's Day and you're welcome to join us at 5:00 that day.

Also the Ladies Luncheons continue on the first Thursday of each month.  We're trying out a new place on May 4th at Rosa's Kitchen in the Hub Shop- ping Center at 12:30 p.m.  All ladies are welcome whether or not you belong to any car club.


Happy and safe driving, everyone.


May-June 2017 issue of Junking Around

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