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Central Chapter News July-August 2017

Greetings from Central Chapter and a Happy Spring/ Summer to all.


Central Chapter members joined folks from the River- bend area on May 13 for a little tour and lunch.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  A number of members met at the Eden  Prairie  Shopping  Center  and  headed  southwest  to Chaska.   Included in the original group were Ron/Karen Scott in the Corvair, Bill/Donna Dirnberger in their Chevrolet, Don/Marlys Solt in their Ford, along with Jim/Pam/ Nancy  Blask,  and  Nancy  Garwick  who  drove  modern.  Yes, it was a wonderfully beautiful day.  We toured to Chaska,  to  the  site  that  used  to  be  our  Region  Steak Fry.  We met Dan/Helen Strong in their Cadillac and Gene/ Joanie Dirnberger in their Corvette as well as several others from the Riverbend area.  We were also joined by Paul/ Joanne Dudek and Kate Lodoen.

Once everyone was organized, we headed west along a scenic route designed by Gene/Joanie Dirnberger.   They seem to have a knack for finding an interesting route to where ever we go.  Ultimately, we ended up in Watertown, the home of Hooked on Classics, which many of you are familiar with.  After some time ooohing and aaahing over the beautiful array of sparkling automobiles, and of course, lots of visiting with friends, we headed downtown for the Luce Line restaurant.

Altogether, there were about 32 people in all, split almost exactly by the people from Central  Chapter  and Riverbend area.   Don't know how or why, but it always seems to work out that way.  It was "order from the menu" so there was a great variety of meals that were enjoyed by all.

Sadly, death has taken some of our members recently.  First was Ralph Braun who died after a long battle with Lewey Body Dementia. Then, the totally unexpected death of Richard Bury who died as a result of an aortic aneurysm.  And now we recently learned of the death of Jeanette Retka, a former chapter member.

We've also learned that Cliff and Martha Phipps have recently moved to a one-level home for a number of reasons.  They are living on Viking Avenue.  Pretty funny for a couple of good Minnesota folks.

That's it for now.  Hope you all have a wonderful summer traveling around this great state of Minnesota and beyond.



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