Central Chapter

Minneapolis, MN area





2017 President

Jim Blask


Central Chapter News November-December 2017

First off, our sincere condolences to Ron and Karen Scott, whose daughter Sue died recently from cancer.  We can all only hope that one day, soon, all of the money being pored into research will yield the results that will finally put this monster in its place.  A celebration of her life will be held sometime in the future.

By now, all of those precious antique autos should be safely put away until warmer weather returns in the spring.  Are there any hardy souls out there that are holding out for one more glorious ride?  I saw a couple of modern convertibles this past week and their drivers and passengers seemed impervious to the cold and wind around them.

A lot of our snowbirds have followed the feathery kind and headed south for the winter.  We'll be glad to see them return in the spring.

Central Chapter members continue to enjoy our "Second Sunday" dinners at Perkins.  The staff has been very good to us.  They seem to actually enjoy taking care of us.  

We'll be having our annual dinner and election of officers the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  We seriously need someone to run for President and other board positions as well.

 That's all from here until the snow is a mile deep at the end of January.  Take care, everyone.



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