412 Lakes Chapter

Detroit Lakes, MN




2017 Chapter President:

Rod Boyer


412 Lakes Chapter News: July-August 2017

Members of the 412 Lakes Chapter of the Minnesota Region gathered on Monday, June 26 to honor longtime members Walt and Sharon Lenius.  Walt and Sharon have decided that it is time to cut back on a number of activities including their memberships in their car clubs. The group met at Schultz Garage and   motorcaded to the Lenius residence where they picked up Walt and   Sharon and proceeded   to Curley’s on Cotton Lake for dinner.

Walt is considered the area expert on Studebakers.  He bought his first one in 1949. This was a green pickup which had a price of $1510.00. As new   vehicles were very scarce at the time, Walt checked with a number of   dealerships and the first several told him that there would be a 6 month   wait. The last dealer he checked with quoted the same price but added that if Walt gave him a separate check for $200.00, he could drive the pickup home that day. He did. Somehow, this was brought to the attention of the Studebaker home office, who sent Walt a $200.00 check with a note stating that “We don’t do business that way.”

Currently, Walt and Sharon have 6 Studebakers, 3 pickups and 3 sedans. Walt   refers to one of the pickups as a “Woodebaker” as it has a wooden cab that   Walt has designed and built himself. Some of  the  vehicles have been driven  to Crookston a couple of times for car shows and one of their sedans was featured in the national Studebaker publication (and reprinted in the Northern Lights) because it had been owned by an elderly lady who had it for 50 years.

Walt and Sharon will be greatly missed by the club as Walt served as the  club secretary for many years and a highly sought after item at the club’s annual Pie Social and Auction was a basket containing vegetables grown in the Lenius’ garden and a jar of Sharon’s homemade jam. There were 26 members present for the evening.


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